A charitable organisation offering bespoke consultancy to young people

from under-resourced communities to advance their careers and improve social mobility.



The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.


Be Your Best Self

3 Month Programme 

CV Writing, Job Searching, Interview preparation covering delivery

& enhancing interview responses

Accelerating Your Potential 

6 Month Programme 

Self-awareness coaching (inc. unconscious bias), personal development exercises, Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing

in the workplace

Life Leaders

12 Month Programme

1:1 mentoring including life & career counsel 

Who We Are

Founded in 2021 and led by an award-winning CEO, we are committed to advancing life for young people through bespoke coaching and guidance with seasoned industry experts.

With varied programmes focusing on three simple yet impactful domains: job hunting, personal skill development, and mentoring. We believe these are the cornerstones that truly shape outcomes. The aim and focus will be on individuals feeling empowered and engaged, resulting in positive, sustainable change.

Lived experience is the authentic ingredient that makes us stand out. Young people advancing through our programmes will develop higher confidence and enhance their skill sets and knowledge to navigate their careers.

We pride ourselves on our young people embracing the importance of their role in an inclusive environment. Promoting bringing your whole self to work enables you always to be your best self.

Self-awareness has been the most impactful learning in my journey, embracing every part of who I am with an open mind.

Chidi O'Hanekwu, Founder

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